Meliseptol® Foam pure

Meliseptol® is a fast-acting surface disinfectant in a ready-to-use spray.

Meliseptol® Foam pure

Do you find yourself switching between different cleaners when you go from glass to wood to vinyl? Now you don’t have to! The ready-to-use Meliseptol® spray is a ready-to-use foam spray that’s safe for virtually all surfaces, making it convenient to store around the house. It’s aerosol-free, so it’s safe for you and the environment.

The advantages at a glance:

How to Use Meliseptol® Foam pure


Spray evenly onto surface of the items to be disinfected. Do not dilute


Rub disinfection foam with a cloth all over the items you want to clean.


Do not rub dry. Wait for the foam to air-dry.
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