Softa-Gel® Hand Sanitizer

Hand disinfectant with 75% isopropyl alcohol and hypoallergenic fragrance.

Softa-Gel® Hand Sanitizer

Softa-Gel hand sanitizer goes just beyond your normal level of clean. One of the most potent hand sanitizers in the market, Softa-Gel® hand sanitizer is trusted by medical practitioners and surgeons for its ability to effectively eliminate germs and bacteria in just 30 seconds without irritation or drying out your skin, even with repeated use.

The advantages at a glance:

How to Use Softa-Gel®


Rub 3mL of undiluted Softa-Gel® into your hands for 30 seconds until your hands are completely dry. Make sure to work it into all areas including in between your fingers.


For surgical uses: rub 5mL of undiluted Softa-Gel® into your dry hands and forearms. The skin must be completely wet with Softa-Gel® for a period of 90 seconds. Allow it to air dry thoroughly before donning sterile gloves.


Note: do not use Softa-Gel® if you are allergic to ethanol or n-propanol. Stop using Softa-Gel® immediately if you notice any sensitivity after using the product.
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