Softa-Man® hand disinfectant solution

Effectively kill germs and bacteria with one of the most potent hand sanitizers on the market.

Softa-Man® hand sanitizer

These days, you shouldn’t leave the house without a bottle of hand sanitizer in your bag or purse. Softa-Man® hand sanitizer is gentle on your skin, yet tough on harmful germs and bacteria. It has 45% of ethanol for every 100 mL, making it one of the most effective and powerful sanitizers out there. So powerful, in fact, that surgeons use it to scrub in before an operation!

The advantages at a glance:

How to Use Softa-Man®


Rub 3mL of undiluted Softa-Man® into your hands for 30 seconds until your hands are completely dry. There is no need to wash off the solution.


For surgical use: rub 5mL of undiluted Softa-Man® into your hands and forearms. The skin must be completely wet with Softa-Man® for a period of 3 minutes.


Note: do not use Softa-Man® if you are allergic to ethanol or n-propanol. Stop using Softa-Man® immediately if you notice any sensitivity after using the product.
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