Goli Nutrition Superfruits Gummies – Vegan (60 Gummies)


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Beauty. Wellness. Nutrition.

Goli® Nutrition is an inventive, people focused nutrition company
driven by the belief that happiness and wellness go hand in hand.
Our goal with Goli® Superfruits Gummies was to create an easy and
delicious way for consumers to incorporate superfruits and
collagen-enhancing ingredients into their daily routine.◊

Health Simple.

Raidate, rejuvenate and refresh from the inside out!
Goli’s new Superfruites Gummies are a delicious, convenient way to include superfruites, essential nutrients and collagen-enhancing ingredients into your daily wellness routine. Find yourselfradiating from the inside out with our carefully crafted formula designed with beauty and wellness in mind.

Recommended Dose: 2 Gummies, Twice Daily


-Improves Collagen Formation
-Improves Skin Health & Appearance
-Powerful Antioxidant
-Provides Essential Nutrients
-Enhances Skin’s Youthfulness
-Helps Restore Radiance
-Supports Immune System
-Supports Skin Structure and Elasticity

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