Omnitest 5 Glucometer Set + Test Strips 50 pcs + Lancets 50 pcs

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With Omnitest® 5, you have a smart partner on your side and get the support you need to live your life as you want.

Illuminated test strip port and display make measurements possible anytime Get not only your measurement result but also its deviation to your target level.

Automatic coding eliminates potential user errors Convenient test strip ejector allows for safe disposal of the used test strip.

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The new generation of Omnitest blood glucose meters features a combination of modern design, easy handling and high accuracy.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Sample volume of 0.5 µL, measurement time of 5 seconds.
  • Automatic coding eliminates potential user errors.
  • Convenient strip ejector for safe disposal of used test strip.
  • Large, enlightened LCD screen and test strip port.
  • Marking function for pre- and post meal, general markings and tests with control solution.
  • Five different customizable alarms.
  • Target level function to show the difference to the pre-defined target level.
  • Calculation of average results for 7, 30 and 90 days.
  • Memory capacity of 500 readings with date and time.
  • Easy data transfer to a computer: DIABASS® or diasend®.
  • Kit includes: Omnitest® 5 meter with batteries, Omnican® Lance lancing device, 10 Omnican® Lance soft lancets, 10 Omnitest® 5 test strips, check strip for functional control, meter case.

Measurement accuracy fulfills the tightened requirements of ISO 15197:2013. The device is intended only for in vitro diagnostic use.

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