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Smart Body Fat Scale with Heart Rate & VA Screen

Original price was: ₱2,250.00.Current price is: ₱1,499.00.

  • Body Type Assessment With 16 body index data (unlocked with free Fitdays/Onfit app)
  • With 4 electrodes, BIA technology, and conductive ITO glass
  • Big colorful VA screen Display *Product size:280x280x25mm and VA size:62x109mm
  • Capacity of 180kg/400lb and weight division of 0.1kg/0.2lb
  • Powered by 4pcs xAAA batteries with Auto on/Auto off and Low power/Over load indication


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Measures 16 Body Indices

  1. Weight
  2. BMI
  3. Heart rate
  4. Cardiac index
  5. Body fat
  6. Muscle rate
  7. Fat-free body weight
  8. Subcutaneous fat
  9. Visceral fat
  10. Body water
  11. Skeletal muscle
  12. Muscle mass
  13. Bone mass
  14. Protein
  15. BMR
  16. Body Age


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