TERUMO Medisafe Fit Smile Meter with FIT TIP and Lancets (120pcs)


Technology that speaks in colours​. The Medisafe Fit Smile blood glucose meter has a bright, large display which shows color coded values and statistics for an easy interpretation of the values.
The step-by-step and voice guidance makes it intuitive and easy to handle – from the first time.
The single-packed Test TIPs are easy to use and protected from environmental influence, like humidity and dirt.​

Exceptional Test TIP​s, ​Medisafe Fit Test TIPs for MEDISAFE FIT® brand blood glucose meters. Attach and eject the Test TIP without touching the sensor or blood, for easy, hygienic handling.
Single packed – Individually packed Test TIP is protected from environmental influence, like humidity and dirt.
Easy attachment – One-way Test TIP ensures correct attachment every time.
Easy blood sampling – ​The nozzle-like tip permits easy blood sampling.
Hygienic handling – ​Clean disposal with the ejector lever.

The puncture with a gentle touch. This product is intended for capillary blood sampling from the fingertip, earlobe or heel.
Functional needle design: Hollow needle specially cut for noticeable pain reduction.1
Penetration depth from minimal 0.3mm to 1.8mm allows particularly gentle blood sampling.
Easy and hygienic use: The lancet needle is surrounded by a plastic holder, before and after penetration, preventing needle stick injury.
The lancet holder protects the lancing device from skin contact and contamination with blood, thus preventing cross-contamination.
The lancet is easy to attach and inserted into the lancing device in one simple move. When you hear a clear “click”, the lancing device is ready for use.
The slim lancet holder tip makes the desired puncture site particularly easy to target.

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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 13 × 16 × 10 cm
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