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What is the Best Diet for a Diabetic Person?

What is the Best Diet for a Diabetic Person?

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Looking out for a healthy diet is something that all individuals must practice to stay healthy. But it is even more important if you have a life-threatening disease such as diabetes. Patients with diabetes have to be extra cautious about what they eat because their diet directly impacts their health, and one wrong food intake can negatively affect your health.

But what’s the best diet for a diabetic person? Well, here we have put together the perfect list of the best diet options for diabetic people that will keep them healthy and do justice to their taste buds.

Begin With the Basics

First things first, you need to begin with cutting back on a few things such as excessive oil, sweets, fast food, fatty food, and especially restaurant take-outs. You need to take care of what you are eating and prevent eating anything that might accelerate your sugar level and might bring risks to your health.

We are not telling you to stop eating tasty food. We are recommending not to eat unhealthy food. You also need to consider that most diabetic patients need to eat every few hours to keep a balanced level of blood sugar. Hence, if you keep eating oily food every time you need to eat, your blood sugar level will increase too much and negatively affect your health.

Things To Consume

Here is a list of things that you need to consume to have a strong diet as a diabetic patient;

Low-Carb Diet

Low Carb diet

If you love to eat carbohydrates, you will not have to lay them off if you get diabetes completely. What you need to do is to shift to a low-carb diet to limit the consumption to the level that it does not cause harm to your health. You can opt for Keto, Atkins, or South Beach, but make sure to consult your doctor to assure complete protection.

Also, a review by a few leading diabetes experts of the world has suggested that taking a low-carb diet is beneficial in the beginning stages of type 2 diabetes and helps control blood glucose levels.

Go Mediterranean


One of the best diet options for a person with diabetes is the Mediterranean diet. This is one of the most health-friendly diets because a large part comprises fruits and vegetables. Moreover, it balances the level of protein and minerals by adding chicken, fish, nuts, and whole grains. And since all of the recipes from a Mediterranean diet are made with olive oil, so your cholesterol and blood sugar levels will be balanced.

Many diabetes experts also recommend this diet to their patients because it keeps your proteins, minerals, and nutrients balanced and is also a tasty approach to healthy food.

Increase the Intake of Green Vegetables


For a diabetic person, it is highly important to intake green vegetables at least once every day. They are highly essential for balancing vitamins, minerals, and other required nutrients for a diabetic person. Moreover, they can serve as a full-fledged vegetarian meal and will not have a negative impact on your blood sugar level.

Include green vegetables such as spinach, kale, cabbage, broccoli, etc., in your daily diet to ensure a balanced, healthy lifestyle without risking your life with every meal you take.

Green vegetables are known to have higher levels of Vitamin C, which is highly important for diabetic people to increase their serum vitamin C levels!

Snack on Avocados


As we have mentioned, most diabetic patients feel the urge to eat every few hours, which is not something they can control. So, to avoid eating excessively and still getting all the portions and nutrients to satisfy the appetite, consuming one or two avocados as an evening snack is recommended.

Avocados have very little sugar and a high portion of fiber that helps diabetic patients to balance their fiber and sugar intake.



Eggs are one of the most beneficial food items for diabetic patients. They are rich in proteins and help decrease insulin sensitivity. They also protect your skin from getting unnecessary wounds and help bruises heal from insulins. Moreover, they increase immunity and protect your inner health from any kind of infections and bacteria.

It is highly recommended for all diabetic patients to consume at least 6 to 12 eggs in a week to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, recent studies have shown that egg consumption will reduce the risks of stroke and heart disease.



Every nutritionist in the world recommends intaking beans as a part of your daily diet as a diabetic patient to have consistent health. They are rich in Vitamin B, calcium, potassium, and fiber, which makes them a highly nutritional meal that could enhance immunity and strength among diabetic patients.

Beans also possess a low glycaemic index which doctors suggest to manage diabetes and prevent it from exceeding risks.

Key Takeaway!

Monitor blood sugar

The life of a diabetic patient is not easy, especially in terms of diet and nutrition. They have frequent urges to eat in a day but also have to look out for everything they eat because their sugar levels must be balanced, or it could be life-threatening. Diabetes is a painful disease that not only weakens your body, but the dietary restrictions also end up spoiling your taste, and you might have to lay off all your favorite food.

But well, health comes first, and we are sure with our list of healthy diet options, you will be able to regain the taste of some of your favorite food. Make sure to test your blood sugar with the BeHealthy Blood Glucose Monitor one hour after every meal, follow this guide, and make sure you live a healthy lifestyle even with a disease like diabetes. All you need is to be strong and fight it back!

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