Prontosan® Wound Gel

Prontosan® Wound Gel cleanses, moisturizes, and speeds up the recovery of every kind of wound and burn.

Prontosan® Wound Gel

Cuts and wounds can quickly go from a minor scrape to a major infection if not treated properly. Prontosan® Wound Gel has been proven to relieve pain and prevent the growth of infection. It can also be used to remove moisten and wound dressings, making it less painful.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Ready-to-use formulation.
  • Single product that cleanses, moisturizes, heals wounds and burns.
  • Can be used to change dressings.
  • Suited for all types of wounds from minor scrapes to burns.
  • Speeds up the recovery of wounds.

How to Use Prontosan® Wound Gel


Apply a 3mm thick layer of Prontosan® Wound Gel to the wound.


Cover the wound as necessary.


The gel helps keep the wound moisturized until the next dressing change, reducing itching and pain.
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